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Do Refrigerator Water Filters Work?

If you are wondering what refrigerator water filter to get for your refrigerator, here are some tips that will help. Refrigerator filters do not just have to be boring plastic boxes with four or five rows of little slots to place the water in. There are now more choices than ever when it comes to refrigerator water filters. Not only can you now get more than one type of refrigerator water filter but you can also get some with a cooling fin included so your refrigerator will cool down faster when you need it to. In this article we will cover some of the water filtering options available.

The two basic types of refrigerator filters are the cartridge filter and the fractional spin filter. Both have their merits and drawbacks. Most refrigerators now use a small, long, thin stainless steel cartridge placed in the bottom of the refrigerator, close to the food that needs to be cooled. Some, such as the new grille, have a self-cleaning button that automatically ejects the dirty water filter cartridge when turned on.

The larger, more common type of refrigerator water filter at called the fractional spin filter. These filters utilize a spinning motion to collect microscopic particles like organic compounds and salt crystals. They have become very effective at removing many of the common contaminants from tap water. They are not as effective at removing large particulates from the water, though. These filters also don't work well at removing parasitic cysts and bacteria.

Some aftermarket filters are compatible with some or all of these popular brands. When shopping for your new refrigerator filter, check the brand, model number and performance data. It may be necessary to exchange your old refrigerator filter for a better one. The best place to find replacement filters is on the internet. However, keep in mind that each refrigerator filter has a different, typically very long life span, so it's probably best to replace your old, worn out ones before buying the ones for your new refrigerator. Be sure to click here for more details!

There are a few things to look for when shopping for your new refrigerator filters. Most filters have a performance indicator that lets you know exactly when it's time to change the cartridge. Look for this indicator as well as a test light to determine if the cartridge is full. If it is, don't change it until the light goes on. A refrigerator water filter that doesn't test at the end of its estimated life span is defective. Another thing to look for is a filtration system that removes a broad range of contaminants from tap water, rather than just a couple of items.

Activated carbon filters work great at removing chlorine, lead, VOCs, benzene, MTBE and other chemicals. They are considered to be the most effective at removing the widest range of contaminants from tap water. You can find activated carbon filters that will remove THMs or chloroform, which are byproducts of petroleum and are a known carcinogen. Since they are considered safe by the EPA, they are also considered to be beneficial.Learn more about filters at

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